Choco Porter


Come over to the dark side!

If enjoying this beer is wrong, then we’re never going back to the light! A malty, creamy sensation of darkest night, this porter will woo you with its velvety body and then knock you on your back with its robust energy.

Its body is malty yet creamy. Bold yet sessionable. How do we do it? The secret is in the malts. And there are tons of them! From caramelized to roasted, we’ve run the whole gamut of malt possibilities to create this enticingly complex siren of darkness: notes of dark chocolate, hints of espresso, and sweet caramel.

An exemplary porter no man or woman could resist, our Choco Porter will have you crawling back again and again for more.

Maisel & Friends Choco Porter

Glass Recommendation Choco Porter

The Maisel & Friends Pint glass is the Go-To choice for more sessionable beers (up to 6.5%), making it the perfect glass for our Choco Porter.
Our sturdy pint glass is one you could easily affix to your hand and keep it there all night. The large mouth of the glass allows for easy drinking and the heavy shaker-style ensures you can cheers your friends all night without any unwanted breakage.

Drinking temperature

Maisel & Friends Choco Porter is best enjoyed at 6°C or 43°F.

Maisel & Friends Choco Porter

Food Pairings Maisel & Friends Choco Porter

Grilled dishes like bratwursts or steaks, roasts, and chocolate desserts.

Simon von Real Ale / Craft Beer

choco porter aroma
Original Gravity
15.2 °P
ABV 6.5 % vol
Bitterness 20 IBU
Fermentation bottom-fermented
Ingredients Water, barley malt, hops, yeast
Hops Herkules
Malts Selection of dark roasted malts
yeast bottom-fermented