India Ale


Intensely hopped, but without the biting bitterness. Fruity, but not cloying. Malty, but not heavy. This baby’s got it all. This is OUR IPA, good for any time of day! Only available in kegs!

Glass Recommendation

The Maisel & Friends Schwenker Glass is perfect for big sipping and easy sniffing, especially for beers between 5-7%. The mouth is still wide enough to knock it back when you’re thirsty, but the goblet form keeps you from losing all those beautiful aromas when you’re in a more contemplative mood. The Schwenker lets you enjoy our India Ale with all your senses, even optimizing head retention to make sure it looks darn good, too! A true treat for the synapses.
No Maisel & Friends Schwenker? No problem! Use any goblet-form beer or cognac glass.

Drinking temperature

Maisel & Friends India Ale is best enjoyed at 6°C or 43°F.

Pale Ale
session stempel
india ale aroma
Original Gravity
14.8 °P
ABV 6.3 % vol
Bitterness 35 IBU
Fermentation top-fermented
Ingredients Water, barley malt, hops, yeast
Hops Cascade, Columbus
Malts Selection of barley and special malts
Yeast top-fermenting ale yeast