Intense. Pure. Awesome.

Hopped to the Hilt! – Intense. Pure. Awesome.

Intense. Pure. Awesome. What more can we say about our flagship IPA?

We’ve engineered this hop bomb to explode your mouth’s every nerve ending and cool it back down simultaneously. Packed full of some of our favorite hop varieties, including Ahtanum and Cascade, this beer blows back the hair of even the biggest hopheads.

The copper color and beautiful white head will already have you salivating as the bartender brings your first beer over, and the hops will hit you before you can even lift the beer from the table. Is that red berries you smell?
Take a nice long sip and enjoy that first hop explosion: wild berries, citrus, and just a hint of plumbs. On the way down the gullet, you’ll get that beautiful bitterness that has made IPAs famous the world around. Round, refreshing, and bitter. What more could you ask for?

India Pale Ale - Maisel & Friends

Glass Recommendation

The Maisel & Friends Pint glass is the Go-To choice for more sessionable beers (up to 6.5%), making it the perfect glass for our IPA.

Our sturdy pint glass is one you could easily affix to your hand and keep it there all night. The large mouth of the glass allows for easy drinking and the heavy shaker-style ensures you can cheers your friends all night without any unwanted breakage.

Simon (Real Ale / Craft Beer) tasting Maisel & Friends IPA

Drinking temperature

Maisel & Friends IPA is best enjoyed at 6°C or 43°F.

Food Pairings

Burger, BBQ, Chili or Thai Curry

Maisel & Friends IPA
Original Gravity
14.4 °P
ABV 6.3 % vol
Bitterness 50 IBU
Fermentation top-fermented
Ingredients Water, barley malt, hops, yeast
Hops Athanum, Cascade, et al.
Malts barley and special malts
Yeast ale yeast