Jeff’s Bavarian Ale


Our take on Bavaria’s (un)official national drink is both everything you’d expect and nothing you expected.
It’s a party for your olfactory, combining that fruity goodness of weissbier ester with that same-but-different fruity goodness of awesome aroma hops.
We’ve got French cassis and Asian spices. We blend fruitiness and maltiness. And we give you carbonation and creaminess.
Get ready to take your senses for a ride!
Cheers! Jeff
Jeff Maisel
Jeff Maisel

Glass Recommendation

Our Maisel & Friends Exclusiv Glass is the one you pull out when no other glass will do, especially when it’s got big flavors and lots of alcohol (7+%). Jeff’s Bavarian Ale deserves no less.
Its roomy belly and tight neck create the perfect breeding ground for your beer’s flavor babies to congregate. Should you choose to sip your beer a little more slowly than our Session Series (we won’t hold it against you), you may notice that the head and temperature retention is much better in this glass than in others. If you end up too distracted by the boozy taste to notice anything else, we won’t hold that against you either.
No Maisel & Friends Exlusiv? No problem! Use any rounded red wine glass instead.

Drinking temperature

Jeff’s Bavarian Ale is best enjoyed at 8°-10°C or 46°-50°F. Don’t be scared to serve it a little cooler and let it get a little warmer, though. We did it, and it was great!

Food Pairings

Hearty roasts, desserts with chocolate and/or berries, intense cheeses

jeffs bavarian ale
Original Gravity
16.7 °P
ABV 7.1 % vol
Bitterness 32 IBU
Fermentation top-fermented
Ingredients Water, wheat- and barley malt, hops, yeast
Hops Finest choice from the Hallertau and Australia
Malts Finest selection of wheat-, barley and special malts
Yeast unique Maisel’s Weisse yeast