The only thing worse than a life without beer is a life without friends. Thankfully, we’ve got the best of both worlds: loads of friends who love beer and want to keep pushing the envelope of what craft beer can and should be.
Our circle of friends doesn’t stop there, though. Oh, no. That would be thinking too small. And we’re all about thinking big. Among our friends we also count winemakers, restauranteurs, bakers, and hop farmers.
All these friends have their own exciting ideas. And each conversation is like a little serotonin mind-gasm of new impulses. This is exactly what makes our beer and our brewery such an exciting place to be. Creativity and new ways of thinking. Welcome to the future. We hope you like what you see (and taste).



When it comes to accomplishments, Jörg has one heck of a resume. As a certified brewmaster, professional beer sommelier, and the head of R&D at a world-renowned brewery builder, he has traveled to world all for the sake of beer.



Everyone needs a good hop guy, and Markus Eckert is ours. In terms of good hop guys, though, Markus goes above and beyond the call of duty. It’s one thing to produce quality hops, but he does it with a focus on organic and sustainability. A true ambassador of one of Franconia’s most historically important hop-growing regions. We salute you!


He makes wine, too!

Though selling fruit and veg may not seem that exciting, Stefan Sattran has officially made it cool. He took his parents’ fruit and veg stand and turned it into one of the most respected delicatessen in the region. One of our favorite sections of his place is the wine section. As a trained wine sommelier, Stefan definitely knows his stuff.