Core Team


Without a doubt, our brewing team is the heart and soul of our brewery. Not only are they fun to drink a beer with (though we’ll admit they’re good for that, too), but they also have an endless drive to make awesome beer. If not in the bar enjoying the fruits of their labor, you’re sure to find them back in the brewery, working on some new creation.

Tinkering is what brought us together. Everyone in our core team wants more from beer. More flavor. More creativity. More passionate drinkers. We know we’ll only get these things through more tinkering, so that is where you will find us.
We hope you enjoy what we manage to create

Maisel & Friends Team



Jeff has beer in his blood. His family has been brewing in Franconia for over 200 years, which we think is pretty darn impressive, especially when you consider that the Franconian region has more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the world. It takes more than just a brewing system to stay alive with that kind of competition!



Marc claims he was born to be a brewer, and if you talk to him for more than a minute, you will know exactly why. He is obsessed with beer and is always trying to do something different. What more could we ask for than someone dedicated to putting his own spin on every single beer?



If there was ever a “beer guy”, then it was Michael König. Bar sommelier, beer blogger, tasting director, and general expert for all things beer. There are few people who actually manage to turn their obsession into a profession, but Michael has. Good up to you!