Our mission


We love beer. It’s kind of our thing. We love it so much, we want to share it. That is our mission: to bring good beer to the people and show them how diverse and delicious beer can be.


As a German brewery, Maisel & Friends wants to push the limits of craft beer by creating beers true to the German Reinheitsgebot that still have beer nerds twisting their moustaches in wonder. As passionate drinkers, we also believe in drinkability. So we promise you something truly crazy: experimental, complex beer that is also balanced enough to drink all night long!

Our brewers love brewing so much that we don’t want them to stop. So grab a bottle and have a drink!

Brewing and drinking with friends

Craft beer is all about people, and so are we. For one, we love brewing with other people, not only because it’s like a shot of adrenaline to our creativity, but also because we believe craft beer will grow faster and be better if all the brewers and breweries work together, not against each other.

We are putting our heads together with the best and brightest to build the German craft beer movement and to make a range of beers that will bring us to the next level. In comparison to the bigger craft markets, German craft beer is still a wee babe. But we’ve never shied away from a challenge. We’ve got the tools and the network and plenty of beer to fuel us on our way!