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At Maisel’s, the beer-related fun doesn’t end with Liebesbier or the Maisel & Friends Brewery. Oh No. It goes much deeper than that. Our entire complex is like one gigantic beer experience.

Well, some call it gigantic. We call it record-breaking, and so do the good people at the Guinness Book of World Records (in 1988).

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, our historic brewery museum is in the Guinness Book as the most comprehensive beer museum in the world!

Brauereimuseum Bayreuth

Maisel’s Brewery Museum

We’ve really got something to be proud of. And we are.

Heck, just seeing the façade of the historically-protected building is enough for most people to go home satisfied, and that’s just the beginning. Walk inside the old brick structure and you’ll find yourself transported into the past.

The brewery is long since decommissioned but looks like everyone just picked up and left mid-shift and never came back. The tools still hang on the walls, right where they used to be. The massive steam engine still smells like oil. The copper brewing kettle looks like someone just finished a batch.

The museum isn’t just for the proper beer geeks, though. It has things for all geekiness-levels and ages. In the old hop storage, room you learn why brewers only used the female hops for brewing. Walk a bit further and learn how the coopers sealed their barrels back then.

A few more steps and you come into a beautiful arched-ceiling room with over 5,500 beer steins and glasses, an old coolship, and 400 rare tin beer signs from a multitude of breweries.

Beer seminars and tastings

Once you’re done visiting the museum, we figure you’ll probably be thirsty again, and our resident bier sommelier, Michael König, has just what you need. No matter your knowledge level, he has a tasting lineup for you.

Know the difference between English and Belgian beer styles? Or the German ones, even? For those just starting out in the world of beer, he’s got seminars that talk (and drink) the basics of beer. Sign up for one of the monthly tastings or get a group together and book it independently.
Wanting to get deeper in the scene? Once a month Michael also does Tasting Thursday (guess which day it’s on), where he spends two hours taking you through a range of beers on a topic of his choice. Some are pairings with cheese or chocolate. Some take you through the specific beers of the famous brewing nations (USA, Belgium, Germany, England). No matter what, you’re sure to leave better informed and in a better mood…you’ll get to try up to 9 different beers per Thursday.

On top of the tastings, Michael also does Beer Seminars, which are a bit longer (think ½ day). For these, you’ll get a guided tour of the whole Maisel museum and facility, a brief history of beer and brewing, and a tasting lineup guided by Michael himself. From there, you’ll learn how to set up your very own beer and food pairing. And just to make sure you really feel like you learned something, you’ll get your very own beer diploma at the end to certify your expertise.

For more information or to register for a seminar, contact us at +49 921/401-234
To learn about other beer offerings and tours, you can also check out our website at: www.biererlebniswelt.de

Maisel & Friends Craftbeer Festival
Maisel Craftbeer

Maisel’s Beer Shop

Don’t forget to check out our beer shop next to Liebesbier. This bottle shop has over 100 different bottled beers, including our own brands and other selections from Germany and beyond. The perfect place to pick up a gift for a beer-loving friend. Don’t know what to get them?

We’ve got pre-arranged gift packs, too. The fun doesn’t stop with beer, though. We’ve also got a selection of glasses and other swag from all the different Maisel brands! Piqued your interest? Stop by and peruse!

Maisel's Bier-Shop in Bayreuth
Biershop Maisel

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