The Maisel & Friends Brewery


For a new style of brewing, we needed a workshop where our brewers could experiment and explore freely. In the winter of 2015, they got it.
This is where we take everything amazing about traditional Franconian brewing and meld it with the innovations of the 21st century. It is our workshop and playground. Feel free to drop by and see!

A Brewer’s Playground

There is nothing better for a brewer than having a proper system and the freedom to experiment.

That is exactly what the 25-hectoliter system from our friends at Kaspar Schulz gives them: A workshop, a playground, a mad scientist’s laboratory, and a production brewery. It is the beating heart that keeps Maisel & Friends energized, metabolizing, and breathing.

If we have any rule at all, it is to keep experimenting. Our goal is to show the world just how diverse beer brewed to the German Reinheitsgebot can be. In a field as innovative as international craft beer, this isn’t always easy, but our brewers are up to the task. They live and breath for beer, just like our brewery, and they are tireless in their attempts to find new crazy combinations and stimulating recipes.

The Beer Experience

We have so much fun at our brewery, we want to let everyone in on the action. At Maisel & Friends, that’s just what we’re doing: giving everyone a chance to truly experience the process brewing. Come by, and you’ll see!

What are those big metal things next to the entrance? Those are the malt silos, and we can promise you, they aren’t just there to look pretty. They actually hold the grain we need to keep our brewery brewing. Hang out near them when we’re about to start the next batch, and you’ll even hear the malt moving from silo to grinder to mash ton. Wait a little longer and you’ll smell it, too!

Grab a seat at our gastropub, Liebesbier, and you can watch our brewers through the rest of the process, too, all with a cool beer of your own in your hand. Need a quick break from boozing? Have a stroll past our barrel aging program and into our fermentation room where you can watch our beer bubble away in open fermentation vessels. At Maisel & Friends, we’ve been refining our open-fermentation method for generations, so you need not worry your pretty little heads.

Flavor before all else!

Maisel & Friends Brauer
barrel aged craftbeer


July 2015: The “Barn Raising” where you could finally see the structure of the brewery taking form.

October 2015: The 25-hectoliter brewing system was delivered by our friends from Kaspar Schulz in Bamberg.

December 2015: The new fermentation tanks finally arrived and we brewed our first batch on the new system!