For the love of beer

Liebesbier is a mashup of the German words love and beer, and we really can’t think of a more fitting name.

This place is all about our love for beer, and by the end of your visit, you will love beer as much as we do (if not more). Like a petting-zoo for beer-lovers, we have created a restaurant where you can drink beer and watch our brewers in their natural habitat: at the brew kettle. From each of the 300 seats you can see, smell, and taste beer in the making.

Between beers you can also take a little stroll through our fermentation room and watch our beer bubbling away in open fermentation vessels.

Maisel & Friends Craftbeer im Liebesbier

An endless range of beer

Grab a spot at the bar and order one of the 21 beers on tap or peruse the list of over 90 different bottles. We’ve got everything, from local Franconian to classic Bavarian to a jaw-dropping international selection.

With over 80 pages of beer to choose from, there’s no way you won’t find the right beer for you.

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve got the solution: our beer sommelier Michael König can steer you in the right direction. He has handpicked every beer on the list, so he is the man to ask. For the self-titled beer geeks (like himself), Michael is constantly traveling the world in search of the tastiest, rarest, and most exciting. There’s sure to be something for everyone here!

Craftbeer on tap im Liebesbier
Liebesbier Craftbeer Auswahl

Craft meets Culinary

Liebesbier doesn’t just stop at beer. We celebrate all things edible and drinkable. We’ve got our own housemade soft drinks, self-distilled spirits, and foodie deliciousness ranging from burgers to steaks to regional vegetables and bread from our own house bakery. A proper culinary “Gesamtkunstwerk”!

Event rooms Abfüllerei and the Liebesbier Hall

Thinking big? So are we. That’s why we’ve created two event rooms at Liebesbier, too. The Abfüllerei fits 100 and the Liebesbier Hall has enough room for 180 people and comes with access to your own private terrace with a view of Bayreuth.

Need technical equipment? We’ve got projectors, screens, lighting, and a sound system.

Shoot us a line at if you’re thinking about booking.